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Depending when you visit, there should be a varied selection of wildlife sharing the facilities.


The Sheep

The young rams are pedigree Berrichon Sheep, used for breeding and showing at local shows. The ewes are Texels - their lambs were born late April.


Our domesticated ducks

There are some very friendly Indian Runners and some very fat Pecan Ducks - if you chose to, please feed sparingly.


Muntjac Deer

There is a female living in the corner of the field, often seen grazing the paddocks or drinking from the pond at dusk

Roe Deer

Far shyer than the Muntjac, but often seen as a pair or more coming from the woods to graze.

Roe deer.JPG


Kingfishers, Herons, Little Egrets, Greylag Geese, Swans and Little Grebe all visit the pond at varying times - Moorhens are laying, with chicks expected around early June. Barn Owl, Sparrow Hawk, Green and Spotted Woodpeckers can be seen over the paddock, and the Buzzards soar over the woods. A pair of cormorants seemed to have chosen to visit frequently, clearing out the fish stocks!

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